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Save Photos and Files to OneDrive App (iOS 11.4)
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  • Knowledge
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  • Elyssa Derban
  • Published on:
  • 4/15/2019
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  • Students; Teachers
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  • Basic
  • Office tool:
  • OneDrive
Last modified: 4/16/2019 4:04 PM by Sarah Chao

​​​​​​MS OneDrive is a MS Office 365 tool, which allows the user to store, share and manage files in a cloud-based secure storage, which is FIPPA compliant.   Users can conveniently access and work on files from home and school.  In addition, valuable files can be stored in a more secure location than that of a shared device.​​

Before You Start​

Reasons for use disruption

  • iPads are designed as a single user device therefore many apps will auto-save files locally on the iPad they were created.  If the user does not sign out, other users could have full access to the files and may by accident modify or delete them. 

  • iPads used in a shared environment cannot successfully be linked to networked printers.  To print documents, users need to save and reopen with other devices, which are set up to print.

  • Disruptions to saving often occur when users do not log out properly.  To save files in Office 365 apps including OneDrive, students and educators should first activate clear account settings and user credentials in the app settings then close the apps​

​​The instruction demonstrates the steps to saving files using screen shots (specifically photos). While each app has a slightly different appearance, the steps to saving should be similar to those presented here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​How to Save and Organize Files in OneDrive from Photos

  1. From theMain Menu, select and open theOneDrive app. Complete the sign-in using VSB credentials.

    • ​Note: If the app opens without offering a sign-in you will need to clear account settings and reset user credentials in settings.​


  2. Press the Home Button.  Select the App where there are files to save.​


  3. Inside the app, select the file to save​

    • ​Note: Most apps will allow the user to select files through a file menu.​


  4. Click Share ​iconfinder_User_Interface-06_2044280.pngto open the file sa​ving options.


  5. Select OneDrive from the list of options presented.​


  6. Files at the bottom of the window then select the file location in your OneDrive.  Click on Upload here.​

  7. Watch for this screen to know that it has “Saved to OneDrive!"

    • ​Note: You should confirm your file has saved.  Close the app and open OneDrive to confirm the file saved​​


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