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Reset User Credentials on iPad (iOS 11.4)
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  • Knowledge
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  • Elyssa Derban
  • Published on:
  • 4/16/2019
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  • Students; Teachers
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Last modified: 4/16/2019 4:28 PM by Sarah Chao

​​​​​Using MS Office Apps offer users an amazing opportunity to save, collaborate on and access their files from home and school.  To save documents and files in the web-based storage OneDrive Board of Education SD39, students and educators using shared iOS devices (iPads) must close out of previous user accounts so they can save their own files.


This instruction sheet will help the user to reset all MS Office Apps before use so they may save files successfully.  Students and educators should begin each session by clearing all previous user credentials to ensure the iPad will function optimally.  

Summary Notes:

  1. Ensure that Settings in "MS Office App(s) Reset" and the “Clear Account Settings” of the OneDrive App are both​ ON in App settings. See instructions below.

  2. Close all apps (Do not power down the iPad).

How to Clear Account Settings and Reset Credentials​

  1. ​​​Using the Home button, find and open the iPad Settings. Scroll down the menu list on the left had side of the screen to view app settings.


  2. Open the MS OneDrive App settings. 


  3. In the OneDrive Settings, switch “Clear Account Settings” to ON.  It should now appear green.  If it was already green, leave it in the on position.

    clear-on.jpg clear-on-confirmed.jpg

  4. Return to App Settings menu.  Select other MS Office Apps. VSB standard install include Word, PowerPoint, Sway, Notebook and Office Lens:
    • NOTE **steps below are the same for all these apps


  5. Using the MS Word app as an example, 


    Open (Word) App Settings.  Go to the RESET function,  s​elect Reset Word.

  6. In Reset for a new user, SWITCH ON:

    • Clear All Documents
    • Delete Sign-in Credentials
    • The two switches should now appear green.
  7. Repeat the last steps 5 and 6 for any other MS Office apps that you will be using.​
  8. Close all apps.  Double Click Home to display any open apps.  Close all apps by flicking off the screen. 


  9. Click Home to return to the Main Menu.  Select the App you will be working with.


  10. Log-in using your VSB credentials​


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