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Known​ ​Issues at VSB​ 

The following are issues identified and documented by the LIT team, that may impact your experience with using Office 365 and explain some of the reasons why certain functionalities, as seen in other resources provided by Microsoft, are not available at VSB​.

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Issue Area
Wi-Fi bandwidth availability at school sites Access to InternetWork in Progress1/22/2018 11:34 AM
PowerPoint co-editing live and text "disappearing"Access to Internet, System & Hardware, Best PracticesIdentified12/13/2017 4:38 PM
Version of Office Suite installed on VSB Shared DevicesSystem & Hardware, Information AwarenessWork in Progress7/12/2018 9:44 AM
Single Sign On awareness in the schools System & Hardware, Best Practices, Information AwarenessCommunicated1/22/2018 4:25 PM


​La​test updates around Office 365​ 

​​Microsoft is constantly updating and improving Office 365 with new features for a better user experience. The LIT team will be providing relevant ​updates and corresponding user training to help the District users when they​ become available.​​​

Office Tool
New App Launcher Experience in Office 365General Usage11/15/2017 9:40 AM11/7/2017
Video Previews Autoplay in OneNote Pages in Office 365 - UpdatesOneNote11/14/2017 11:59 AM11/14/2017
Changes to "Mail" tile in Office 365 app launcherGeneral Usage; Outlook10/12/2017 11:45 AM10/10/2017

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