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Changing Ownership of an Office 365 Group
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  • Knowledge
  • Posted by:
  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 12/11/2018
  • Suitable for:
  • Teachers; Staff
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  • Intermediate
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  • General Usage; Office 365 Group; SharePoint
Last modified: 12/14/2018 11:04 AM by Sarah Chao

​​​​​Before you start

Ownership of Office 365 Group should be reviewed regularly and changes should be made as you or staff relocate to another department or school.

Please consider the following before you make changes to the ownership of an Office 365 group:

  • You must currently be the owner of the Office 365 Group
  • Any new owner(s) will obtain the same access to everything in the Group as you would
  • Make note of any area(s) of the site that have unique permission

It is also a good idea to onboard the new owner(s) you've assigned to the group, and walk them thru the structure of the Office 365 Group before you remove yourself from it. That way, the new owner will have a better understanding of the purpose and processes of the group.

How to Manage Ownership of Office 365 Group

  1. After logging into Office 365, go to your SharePoint app

  2. Go directly to or search for the name of your Office 365 Group in SharePoint

    For example, I am using the keywords "grp tech" to search for my group named "GRP Tech TechMentors". You only see Office 365 Group results that you have access to.​
  3. ​​​Once you've located your Office 365 Group site, click on the text  "​ [#] member" in the right corner


  4. From the pop up panel that list out member of the site, you can:
    • Change the role of an existing member by clicking on the dropdown menu underneath to their name and select one of the options. For example, you can make someone as an "Owner".



    • Add new member (ex. new staff to the department or new administrator to the school) first by clicking on the "Add members" button, then 1) Type their name and select the right person​ 2) click Save and then 2) Change their role to "Owner".​

  5. ​(Optional) If necessary, after the new owner is familiar with access the Office 365 Group, you may remove yourself from the Group using the same process as Step 4, and select "Remove from group" from the dropdown menu.
    Please note that once removed from the group, you will no longer get access to any resources (documents, calendars, conversations) of the Office 365 Group.

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