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Using OneNote for Meetings - Staff's Edition
  • Post type:
  • Knowledge
  • Posted by:
  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 10/25/2017
  • Suitable for:
  • Staff
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  • Intermediate
  • Office tool:
  • OneNote
Last modified: 11/14/2017 11:05 AM by Sarah Chao

​​Before you start

Please familiarize yourself with logging into Office 365, accessing your OneDrive and editing documents in the browser. If you are new to this platform, consider taking a look at ​understanding the basics of Office 365​. It is a good idea to also install the OneNote desktop application onto your personal computer/laptop, so that you can use the full functionalities​ of the software that will be discussed in this post. As part of the VSB district users, you can download the ​latest Office to your personal devices for free​.​

What is OneNote?

OneNote​ is often described as a "digital binder", where the creation of sections and pages allows you to better organize your notes. However, unlike the traditional pen and paper medium, where you are limited to just text, drawing and occasionally stapling clips of paper to a physical notebooks, OneNote allows you to include rich digital media. This means you can now include links to resources, embed videos, record audio, sketch out an idea and even insert files directly onto the page. ​​​Collaboration with others and keeping everyone informed is also easier.

When to use OneNote?

Consider the following scenarios when using OneNote would be beneficial and make meetings more efficient:

As Organizers of Staff Meetings

If you are organizing regular staff meetings with the same group, where there is an agenda to be shared with the team prior, you might want to set up a notebook in your OneDrive and share the notebook with the rest of the team while you email out an invitation. If you are anticipating collaboration during the meeting, you can even providing edit permission for your colleague collaborate.​

As Attendees of Staff Meetings

Depending on the nature of the meeting, you might want to take notes for yourself to be reminded of topics and discussions that occurred at a meeting. You could have a Notebook that you keep for notes.

As Collaborators of Project Meetings

​Often, when you and several staff are collaborating on a project, there are​ often files that need to be shared, important meeting dates or notes that everyone should be aware of. Instead of emailing each other minutes and meeting notes, if a notebook has been set up, members of the collaboration Office 365 group can then access the necessary information in the group Notebook, without having to filter through their emails.  ​

OneNote is also great for brainstorm sessions and as informal draft to map up documentation ideas​.

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