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Sharing Files with Others from OneDrive
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  • Knowledge
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  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 7/18/2017
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  • Students; Teachers; Staff
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  • Basic
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  • OneDrive
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Before you start

Ensure you understand  how OneDrive works​​​, as well as accessing and organizing your files.​ Please keep in mind that this is the OneDrive provided by the Vancouver School Board, meanings that you will sign in​ with your (for staff) and (for students)​ credential.

From the same article, you will learn the benefits ​of viewing and editing your​ files in OneDrive.

How to Share a file​

Alright, so you now have a file in your OneDrive that's ready to be shared with other VSB users. Perhaps you and your colleague need to brainstorm ideas, or you need your document to be reviewed.​ 

  1. Navigate to your file
  2. Select it and c​lick on the Share button from the ribbon

From the dropdown menu you will notice a couple of fields (refer to screenshot below)​:

  1. What type of link you are sending? In this example​, it is indicating that "Only people Board of Education of SD39 (Vancouver) with the link can view and edit". Additional link settings are available if you continue to read the next section​.
  2. Who are you sending this link to? You can enter the names of VSB users or policy group and it will bring up anyone​ that matches, just like what you do when writing an email.
  3. Add a message when sending the link is optional. You might want to include a short message to notify people why you are sending them the file link or what you need from them.
  4. Send allows an email to be sent to those VSB users without you going into your Outlook.


That is it! You have now shared a file from your OneDrive with another VSB user!​

Alternatively, you can also click "Copy Link" and get a share link to the file or click "Outlook" to type up a more thorough email to others you want to share the file with​.​

Even when you have moved a file to another folder (as long as the move is done in the browser), any pre-existing share links and access permission are still associated, and your recipients would not lose access​!​​    ​ ​

Additional Link Settings ​

​If you click on the downward arrow from the 1st field, you will notice that it has additional options available:


​Take a look at the Share Link Settings Reference Sheet (PDF) or Share Link Settings Reference Sheet (Word)​ to review the difference between each.

​In general, because Method B, Method C and Method D all require the user to log into Office 365, it allows you to keep track of who has edited a file last when you look at the activity ​information of the file​.​ Please note that users in VSB includes students as well and are not limited to staff. Users who you've shared your OneDrive files​ with Method C can also locate the files easily under the "Shared with me" (tab on the left navigation) ​in their OneDrive.

Sharing​ a folder​

​​Sometimes you might need to share more than 1 file with other users. In that case, it would not make sense to share one file at a time and send recipients multiple emails. Instead, as it fits, you can also share a folder​.​​​ ​If you have an existing folder that is intended to be shared already, you can skip the steps in the folder creation in the post.​

More Resources

​If you need more in-depth and self-guided support on the Microsoft Office Apps in Office 365, you can also take a look at the training videos in the Getting Started series provided by Microsoft. However, please note that the video starts your document in the DESKTOP application​ :


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