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Power up your note taking
  • Post type:
  • Testimonial
  • Posted by:
  • Brian Kuhn
  • Published on:
  • 6/13/2017
  • Suitable for:
  • Teachers; Staff
  • Level of difficulty:
  • Basic
  • Office tool:
  • OneDrive; OneNote
Last modified: 9/29/2017 1:56 PM by Sarah Chao

​I have used OneNote Notebooks for close to 15 years.  It has transformed the way I work with agendas, minutes, ideas, planning, designing, etc.  Combined with Office 365, OneNote is available on my work computers, home computer, iPhone, and iPad from anywhere at anytime.  I create text, hand written (using a digital pen) notes/diagrams, web page clips, photos/images, and sometimes audio recordings.  

In my collaborative work groups, I create meeting agendas and during the meetings, all the participants are able to write their notes directly and simultaneously into the same Notebook Page.  Sometimes we do conventional brainstorming where we write ideas onto sticky notes, stick them on a white board, regroup them, and label bundles of notes.  One of us will then bring up the OneNote agenda page and take photos of the brainstormed ideas so that they are recorded directly with the meeting notes for future reference.

I meet weekly ​with two of my managers.  I created a Notebook in a secured CIO Office SharePoint Online library for each of them and shared their Notebook with each of them so they can see and edit the notes.  I put discussion topics in their Notebooks each week and ask that they respond in the Notebook before we meet face to face.  This has helped with both keeping a log of our discussions, action items, etc. and it has streamlined the amount of time needed to meet in person.

In my personal life, I have a Notebook on my personal OneDrive that I share with my wife Shelley.  I do most of the research and planning for our vacations and store all the notes, web links, etc. in the Notebook.  When I make updates to the notes, Shelley gets a notification on her iPhone saying I've edited the notes.  This keeps her informed of the details as they are added or updated.

I highly recommend that you take a look at OneNote, it may just transform how you work!

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