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My Experience with Office 365 - LIT Staff
  • Post type:
  • Testimonial
  • Posted by:
  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 7/21/2017
  • Suitable for:
  • Students; Teachers; Staff
  • Level of difficulty:
  • Basic
  • Office tool:
  • OneDrive; Word
Last modified: 11/21/2017 2:32 PM by Sarah Chao

​​​​I have to be honest, when Office 36​5 first became available in the district, I really wasn't sure what to expect of it or exactly what it is. The greatest feature with Office 365 is that it allows you to work anywhere and keep collaboration resources with your team all in the same space.

However, we are all guilty of getting too comfortable with doing things one way and finding reasons to not adopt or learn new technology.

Change of perspective on documents

What changed my perspective was when I had to prepare a document a couple months ago and shared it with a colleague who will be presenting it in a meeting which I couldn't make to due to a schedule conflict. It was late when I got around to starting on the document and I was running late for an appointment. I knew that I have a 30 minutes break after my appointment before carrying on with the rest of my evening as well.​

So, what would the old process be?

I could create the document on my desktop, save it on a USB or email myself a copy of it. If my file was on a USB, it wouldn't be very helpful because I only have a phone available during my 30 minutes break. If I emailed myself a copy, then I would first have to download the file onto my phone and then emailed the updated file back to myself again for final edits. Very troublesome.

How about the new way?

​Instead, what I did was create the new document in my OneDrive in Office 365 before leaving the office. During my short break, all I needed was to locate the file on my phone OneDrive app (which I have logged in with my VSB credential) and edit it directly on my phone. There is no need to download or upload the file, all the edits are saved automatically, and I can instantly get back to my latest document at home or at work again by accessing my OneDrive via Office 365.

Always sharing the latest version of files

​The other thing I find very convenient with having my document in OneDrive is that once I have finished editing the file, I can share the file directly from OneDrive to my colleague and write a short message. I don't have to sign in yet another application or bombard my recipients with multiple copies of the file whenever there are revisions made. 

You know what I mean, just as you click that "Send" button, you find ​yourself editing the file some more and sending a file version 1.2.8 to your recipients for the "x" number of times.​​ The most frustrating thing is also when one of your reviewers is editing​ a version of the file that is NOT the latest, so it causes confusion.​ 

Final thoughts

Office 365 might seems a bit overwhelming if you are exploring on your own, but you can start by first becoming familiar with the basics of Office 365 and then moving onto working on and sharing files from OneDrive.​ Once you get comfortable, you can then explore additional​ tools. This site also provides tips and hints on Office 365 usage and troubleshoot questions you might have. Give it a try!​

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