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Managing Your Class Notebook - Teacher's Edition
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  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 10/4/2017
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  • Class Notebook
Last modified: 9/25/2019 6:25 PM by Sarah Chao

​​​​​​​​Before you start

Please familiarize​ yourself with what is a Class Notebook and how ​​it can help with your teaching in class. This article is intended for teacher who have already created a Class Notebook and need to make changes.

Getting to your Class Notebooks​

​There are a couple of ways for you to access your Class Notebooks:

  1. The obvious one is the Class Notebooks tile (in Office 365),OR
  2. In your OneDrive tile (in Office 365) , look for the folder "Class Notebooks". This is the folder that Class Notebook that get stored by default, OR
  3. From your Notebook tile (in Office 365), look at the list​ of under the Recent tab or Class Notebooks tab​ 

Managing the students

You must ADD your students to you Class Notebook​, in order for them to: 
  • View only your lesson (_Content Library) 
  • allow them to collaborate in your Class Notebook (_Collaboration Space)
  • Have their own section, viewable by you and the individual student himself/herself, for submitting assignments, taking notes, getting feedback from you​, etc.​  
  • NO ACCESS to teacher-only collaboration space (_Teacher Only) 
Never share your Class Notebook with students w​hom you've not added to the Class Notebook.

Check who is currently in your Class Notebook: 

  • Bullet 1 area indicates that there ​are​ no students in your Class Notebook, because this area is blank.
    If you have students, their name/sections (which is only visible to YOU and any other TEACHERS who you've added as co-owners) should show up underneath all the other folders with the underscore ​

Adding students in your Class Notebook: 
  1. ​From "Class Notebook" tab, select "Add/Remove Students" (refer to Bullet 2 in above screenshot)
  2. Get to the "Add or Remove Students" step (Bullet 3) after selecting the correct notebook (screenshot shows "DLG Division 4" as example) 
  3. ​​Further confirms that there are no students in this Class Notebook, because this is blank (Bullet 4). Once a student have their own section, their name should show up here.
  4. Type the name of your students here (Bullet 5), and they will be sent an automatic email with access to only  "_Content Library" and "_Collaboration Space". 
Students themselves will see only THEIR OWN section ​and none of their classmates'.

Removing students​ in your Class Notebook:
Before removing your students from your class at the end of a school year, consider giving your students a chance to save their work. As you remove your students, you have the option to also DELETE their content at the same time. Please note that if their content is deleted, it cannot be recovered.
  1. Similarly, F​rom the "Class Notebook" tab, select "Add/Remove Students
  2. Get to the "Add or Remove Students" step after selecting the correct notebook.



​"Removed Only" Students
"​Removed" Students and "Deleted Student's Content"
Students' sections
You, as the teacher, can still view & edit​ your students' sections; but your students no longer have access to the Class Notebook
​Students' sections are permanently deleted; These cannot be recovered​

More features in​ your Class Notebook: 

More settings of your Class Notebook are available: 
  1. From the "Class Notebook" tab, choose "Manage Notebooks
  2. Locate the correct Class Notebook (example below shows DLG Division 4) ​

A. Student sections 

  • All students whom you've added to your notebook will these default sections in their notebook. 
  • You can ADD new sections, but there are no way to DELETE sections globally at this time other than manually deleting them in each of the student's notebook one by one.

​B. Teacher-Only section group 

  • Once enabled, it cannot be deleted. 
  • You can collaborate with other co-owners of this Class Notebook. 
  • The "_Teacher Only" section is then added underneath the "_Content Library".

C. Lock Collaboration Space 

  • By default, students are able to edit pages in the "_Collaboration Space" section.
  • The _Collaboration Space is intended for your students to work together with one another.​ 
  • If you lock it temporarily, the section become VIEWABLE only to students (as shown in the above screenshot).​

D. Parent and guardian links 

  • If you want to share the "_Content Library" with a student's parents/guardian.
  • OR If you want to share a student's section with his/her parents/guardian. 
  • The link WILL BE READ-ONLY access for the parents/guardian.
  • Please note: if there are no students added to the Class Notebook, you will not be able to get a "Parent and guardian link" to the Class Notebook.​   
  • However, if the parent/guardian decides to forward/share the link, anyone can view that student's section or the content library, if you share the 2 corresponding links. Consider providing a disclaimer to the parents that they should not share the links with others.
  • You can control or remove these links at anytime.

E. Notebook link 

  • If you have the Notebook Desktop application (on computers or laptops), this link let you open the Class Notebook on the desktop computer or laptop.

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