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Office 365 is the district selected digital space for teachers, staff, and students to use to create, share, and collaborate on documents and other digital content. This page is intended to help you get started with an overview of the main tools within Office 365 or if you want to learn more about a specific tool.​


The Introduction


Understand the Basics​ of Office 365​ by learning how you access and navigate between the different tools available.​​​​​

Common Questions


Check out our FAQ section to troubleshoot when you are using our support site. Know when you need to log in to access specific resources.​​​​​​

Search Resources


You can search specific keywords​ to look for resources specific to your needs. Refiners further let you narrow down specific tools too.​​​​​​

Getting Extra Help


Other than contacting Service Desk for help. You can also count on ​ VSB ProD workshops and Microsoft trainers ​when you need extra support.​​​​​​​​

Security & Privacy


Office 365 available at VSB is secured in a Canadian location with some exceptions​.​​ Be familiar​ with the privacy and security of Office 365.

Free Download


Enjoy free download of ​various Office tools​​ to your personal computers (up to 5) and personal ​mobile devices (up to​ 5 smartphones &​ up to 5 tablets).​​​​​


​Learning at your own pace​

We will be providing ​additional re​sources for new Office 365 applications as they become available to the district.​

When you are ready, you should ​first explore OneDrive, then OneNote and other Office tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. T​he Office tools are very similar to the desktop experience, except now you can access them in the browsers​ too. The "Quick Start" series in the "Learn-from-Microsoft" resource links below is often an easy introduction to learn the products with short videos and many screenshots.


Learn One​Dr​ive​ from​ Mi​cros​oft

Store files and easily share them with your colleagues, easily accessible anywhere. ​See Resources​ by VSB.​​

Learn One​Note from Micro​soft

Organize notes and meeting memos, agenda or share brainstorming ideas​ - see ​ideas here: staff notebookfor teachers.​​ See Resources by VSB​.​

Learn Word from Microsoft

Create simple documents or complex reports and publications anywhere​. See Resources by VSB​.

Learn PowerPoint from Microsoft

Create interactive presentations and slideshow for your projects and work. See Resources by VSB​.

Learn Excel from ​Microsoft

Create spreadsheet and tables that often require analysis, filtering or sorting.​ See Resources by VSB.​​

Learn Outlook f​rom Microsoft

Your day to day emailing needs that can be easily accessed anywhere.​ See Resources b​y VSB​.

Learn SharePoint from Microsoft

Collaborative space for projects and department work. See Resources by VSB​.

Learn Teams​ from​​ Mi​cros​oft

Store files and easily share them with your colleagues, easily accessible anywhere. 

Learn Class Note​book from​ Microsoft

Share class resources with your students and review students' work. Microsoft has a dedicated Educati​on Community and Support Site for teachers using this tool.​ See Resource​s by VSB​.

Explore Microsoft Quick Start for other Apps​

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