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​Free download of various Office tools to personal devices​ 

Enjoy free download of various Office tools to your personal computers and mobile devices. A personal device is defined by the following:
  1. ​​It is NOT a laptop provided or assigned by the District
  2. It is NOT a shared tablet (ex. In school computer labs or libraries) provided or assigned by the District​ - tablets assigned to individual staff are ok and are considered a personal ​device. 
  3. You are the dedicated user of the device​
  4. You personally decide to bring the device to work or school
  5. You have the right to install and update software on the device​
We don't recommend installing Office tools on the district-provided computers and laptops with this method, due to specific network requirements, access rights and configuration.​

  • After you log into Office 365​ (look for the " Install Office" button in the upper right corner)​

  • You ca​n Install up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office applications software on home/personal computers (Windows and Mac).  

  • Also, you can install the Office apps on up to 5 persona​l mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) devices.​​​​​​​​

  • The version of Office, which is now called Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, i​nstalled on your personal devices will always​ automatically updat​es​.

Check the Number of Install Available

To check the number of devices you have installed Office 2016 or number of install available, you first must be logged into your Office 365 Account.

  1. Next hover over your profile name
  2. Select "My account" from the slide out panel
  3. And then select "Install status"
  4. You then get a summary of devices that you have previously​ installed Office 2016, or deactivate licenses as needed.

Questions and support:​

If you have any questions or concerns about Office 365, please feel free to contact Brian Kuhn directly.  For technical assistance (something is not working), please look through the FAQ ​or submit a request ticket through the Service Desk.​ 

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