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Creating New Files on Shared Devices
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  • Knowledge
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  • Sarah Chao
  • Published on:
  • 10/29/2018
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  • Students; Teachers
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  • Basic
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  • General Usage; OneDrive
Last modified: 12/31/2019 11:16 AM by Sarah Chao

​​​​​As students and teachers work on shared computers and devices in the schools, there are some suggestions and best practices to ensure better security and a seamless transition of continuing the school work after leaving the classrooms or the school sites​.

Before you start

​It's a good idea for you to understand what OneDrive is and why you should store your school and work file at VSB in your OneDrive for better access and collaborations. Please note, there are multiple ways to create new files to be stored in OneDrive, but the following work flow is recommended when you are creating a new file on a shared computer or laptop that are available in classrooms.  This suggested method will:

  • Eliminate the confusion around where a new file is stored or saved to​

  • Autosave changes as you are working in the browser

  • Allow you to g​et back to the​ files quickly when logged into Office 365 in the future

Create the new file in Office 365 first​

  1. Log into Office 365
  2. Click on the OneDrive app
  3. Navigate to the desired location for you new file, you may also create any new folder(s) as needed. 
  4. Click on the "+ New" button in the ribbon and select the file type from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click on the title of the document along the tool ribbon and give your file a more meaningful title.

  6. If you continue to work on the file in the browser, then your changes will be autosaved. Pay attention to the save status of your file (next to the document name) and that there is no internet disconnection.

    Take a look at the next section on edit files with the Desktop Microsoft Office Suite when you need the full functionalities of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. 
  7. To get back to the location of where the file is stored, click on the breadcrumb that is shown in the tool ribbon. For example, the screenshot shows that the file is stored in the folder called "_Demo".

  8. Before leaving class, ​it's a good idea to just quickly check your file in OneDrive in the browser to ensure all work has been saved.
  9. Sign out of Office 365 and the shared device when you are finished working on the files in class.

Edit files with the Desktop Microsoft Office Suite

​As Word, PowerPoint and Excel in the browser do not provide 100% of the program functionalities, you might need to edit your new files with the Desktop Microsoft Office Suite. It is important you are aware of the following when working on your files from the browser to the desktop on shared devices at school.

Please note that when opening files with the desktop Office Suite tools on shared computers at the school, you might be prompted to sign in with your VSB id.

Always start your file access from OneDrive in Office 365

Once you've located the file in your OneDrive in the browser and needed to open the file with the Desktop Office Suite, you can:

  • ​Click on the "​" and click on Open in​ button

Alternatively, if you've already started working on the file in the browser and decide that you need to edit the file with the desktop Office Suite for full functionalities, you can then:

  • ​Click on the Edit in button along the top of the file

Autosave Requirements​ and Awareness

Please note that in order for autosave to work with your files in the desktop Office Suite, the following four criteria must ALL be met:


  1. ​Your desktop Microsoft Office Suite must be the latest ProPlus version. Check what version of Office you are using​.
  2. You've signed into the desktop Office Suite tool with your VSB ID.
  3. The file being worked on is stored in OneDrive already. 
  4. You have edit permission to the file. 

    Of course, if this is a file you have created in your OneDrive, then you will always have edit permission to the file. If you are looking for collaboration with other on a document in your OneDrive, please always ensure that edit permission is provided for them.

If any one of the above is not met, then Autosave do not work and you will have to manually click the " ​" icon to save your changes as you are working in the desktop Office Suite.​​ It also takes more time to sync changes back to the file when working with older versions of Office Suite.

For this reason, we encourage collaboration to happen in the browser and NOT with the​ Desktop Office Suite tools unless every collaborator is able to meet all of the criteria as stated above.

Access the new files after leaving the class

Since you've first created the new file in your OneDrive, you can quickly navigate back it to pick up from ​where you've left off at school or from a previous session. Similarly, since this file is likely one you've worked on recently, you can often locate it under your Recent file tab either in the Office 365 dashboard or the corresponding app tool after logging in.


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